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Our services include the following:-

  • Rent collection – Invoicing, receipting and depositing and default management
  • Letting vacant premises – Advice on prevailing market conditions, advertising, vetting prospective tenants, lease documentation, collection of security deposits and commencing rent, handover inventory.
  • Administration and Maintenance of let units – Ensuring compliance and supporting harmonious relations
    • Attending to maintenance and repair requirements
    • Administering utility billings and collections
    • Undertaking periodic inspections and providing advice
    • Maintaining property accounts

Our services include:

  • Administrative support for management companies of communally owned property
  • Budgeting, collecting and expensing service charge
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements Land Rates and Land Rent, Fire Risk, Health and Safety
  • Managing general repairs in common areas
  • Negotiating outsourced contracts and ensuring management and maintenance of: Building Insurance, Facilities and Machinery (borehole, generator, electric fence, external lighting, pumps etc.), Security, Cleaning, Garbage Collection, Landscaping, Pest Control
  • Periodic inspections and advice
  • Maintaining Accounts

Our services include:-

  • Sourcing
  • Arranging viewings and post viewing follow up
  • Tenant vetting and selection
  • Drafting Tenancy agreements

Our Services include:-

  • Sourcing
  • Due diligence advisory
  • Advertising
  • Arrange for viewing and post view follow ups
  • Draft sale agreements
  • Advising on financing options
  • Providing liaison between vendor, purchaser, financier and legal advisers

Our services include the following:-

  • Market analysis
  • Concept, Function and Facilities
  • Space Allocation
  • Budgets and controls
  • Taxation
  • Interior Design and Décor
  • Financing
  • Due Diligence

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